KYOH in The Havens

Self-management platform image Self-management platform

Online tools and support


Somewhere to keep your favourite resources

Wherever you see this symbol, or the words ‘Save to Library’ on this website, you can save the link to a Library of favourite Resources.  You can organise these into different categories and you can share favourites with others.

Extra support

Find out what further coaching support is available

In the Extra Support section, you’ll be able to see coach support options that are available to you, either if you haven’t yet had any coaching support or after you have finished your coaching support.


Help to achieve something important to you

If you have an idea of something you would like to work towards and achieve, it can be helpful to set a Goal with various action points.  The goal-setting functionality takes you through the steps to consider when setting a goal, to ensure the goal is what’s known as ‘SMARTER’, which basically means that it is realistic and achievable.


Online support from others in your local service and other connected services

Everyone who is registered via a KYOH service can access the online communities that are exclusive to that service, and also similar communities that are open to all services.  Some of these communities may have coaches or clinicians involved in the conversation and others are patient-only.


Work through an online self-management programme

The KYOH online e-learning programme is a step-by-step ‘self-management’ guide to taking control over a health condition so that it doesn’t feel as if it’s controlling you.